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Those looking for information about buying and driving horseboxes can now refer to an independent online resource, as www.drivinghorseboxes.co.uk .

The site is a natural progression following the success of its sister site towinghorsetrailers.co.uk.  Charlotte Hollis says: “As a competitive rider travelling my horses regularly I was all too aware of the confusion surrounding the new regulations regarding driving horseboxes. While researching online I struggled to find the answers to my questions and felt that an informative resource that brought all the information I needed together would also be of benefit to other horsebox drivers.

“Like towinghorsetrailers.co.uk the site features comprehensive, independent information delivered in good, clear English. You’ll find everything from the rules regarding tachographs and driving HGVs through to tips on travelling and advice on how to buy and maintain a lorry. We’ll also run regular news updates, editorial features and comment from industry experts; all aimed at assisting the driver audience.”

As well as providing a mine of useful information drivinghorseboxes.co.uk plans to offer the option to sign up to receive MOT/plating reminders and maintenance tips throughout the year.