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Jodie Supports British Showjumping

Supermodel Jodie Kidd is supporting British Show Jumping in an Ambassador role to assist the raising of public awareness not only of the sport as a whole, but also the incredible talent it has within it in the lead up to London 2012.

"My father (Johnny Kidd) used to be an International Show Jumper so the sport is one that I've always followed and feel incredibly passionate about. To be aligned with British Show Jumping in the lead up to London 2012 is something that I'm thoroughly excited about and I'm looking forward to supporting the team in their medal winning campaign" said Jodie.

Interest in Show Jumping is on a steep incline with it enjoying extensive broadcast coverage and spectator events seeing a dramatic increase in those flocking to watch it. With prize money now often exceeding £100,000 at specific events the stakes are higher than ever. Great Britain has recently seen one of it's most prolific competition horses win in excess of £1million - this lucrative winnings target looking more achievable than ever for other horses during their competitive careers.

"We are thrilled that Jodie has chosen to support our sport so publicly and we look forward to developing her role over the forthcoming months.   To have Jodie supporting us in this way can only be positive for the sport as a whole and we all look forward to welcoming her at many of the key shows during the season ahead" commented Maria Clayton from British Show Jumping.