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Here are a few tips from equine.co.uk to keep you busy during this freezing winter!


There's a hole in my bucket!

If you use tub trugs for your water, try not to move them as they become brittle in freezing temperatures and will crack. If your horse pipe doesn't reach your stable, try filling up a water container and filling your buckets this way instead.


Warm your horse from the inside!

Treat your horse to a warm winter feed when he comes in from the cold. Simply add luke warm water to your horse feed instead of the usual cold water. Leave it for a couple of minutes, make sure that it doesn't feel too warm before giving your horse the feed.


No more ice slippers!

Rub vaseline into your horse's feet before you turn him out or go out for a ride in the snow. This will help prevent the snow packing up in the hooves. You should also find the ice easier to clean out of your horse's hooves.


TLC for your water bucket...

 These extreme temperatures have even caused the water to freeze in the stable. Help to prevent this by creating a nest out of bedding for your water bucket. Straw is best for this as it provides better insulation.


DIY stable airer

Hang a piece of drainpipe up at the back of your stable to hang rugs and boots on in the evening. The warmth of you horse will help your wet rugs and boots to dry. Simply thread a length of rope through a piece of drainpipe and hang up, Use drainpipe which is at least a foot longer than your largest rug, eg: if your horse has a 6ft rug buy a 7ft length of drainpipe. Only do this if your horse does not nibble rugs!


Better safe than sorry

If the ground is frozen turn your horse out in boots to help prevent cuts and grazes if he slips.


Hot to trot!

If you have access to electricity on your yard, have a kettle at hand to boil to help you defrost locks. If you don't have electricity remember to take a flask of hot water instead.