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Police Learn Lessons!

North Yorkshire Police has admitted there are “lessons to be learned” after marksmen took 18 shots to kill a stray horse, reports Horse magazine.

On 12 September last year, two horses were shot by firearms officers in Dunnington, near York. The horses had been running loose for several days — including onto the nearby A1079.

But local residents were angry at the treatment of the horses after one was shot 18 times, some shots at long range.

An eyewitness said at the time: “It should not have been dealt with in the way it was — like fun target practice.”


But after a three-month review, Chief Superintendent Andy McMillan, director of specialist operations for the force, said that no police rules had been broken.


“I'm confident there was no wrongdoing by officers, however there are a number of recommendations [we need to make]. It was an extremely unfortunate and unusual situation,” he said.