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Horse Trust Appeal!

The Horse Trust in Britain is hoping to raise £2 million for equine research in a move aimed at boosting its research commitments, reports H&H.

Due to the economic climate, the trust recently paused new grant-making outside of its current significant funding commitments.

Chief executive Jeanette Allen announced at a special event marking the charity's 125th anniversary that it planned to restart and expand its grant-making programme.

It was doing so through the launch of a research fund, with an appeal target of £2 million.

Allen said the new fund would enable owners to contribute to ethical research which they know will be administered under strict academic and charitable guidelines, ensuring all research funded provided the maximum benefit to equines.

The trust has also launched a year of celebrations to mark the anniversary.

It announced plans that will build up the links between its sanctuary in Speen, Buckinghamshire, the equine research it funds and its training programme.

The Horse Trust was founded on May 10, 1886, by Ann Lindo to provide respite care for the broken-down horses of the London cab trade.

The trust said although the needs of horses have not changed over the last two centuries, society had, and there have been major advances in science and technology.

The trust hopes to address these changes with its new strategy, which includes an updated logo with the new strap line, "Advancing Excellence in Equine Care".

"The Horse Trust is probably best known for its work providing sanctuary to working horses who have served their community or their country, such as horses from the police, army and Riding for the Disabled Association.

"The Home of Rest for Horses will continue to provide lifelong retirement for these and also for local equines found in urgent need of rescue," she said.