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Insurance Rockets!

Customers with one of the country's leading equine insurers, NFU Mutual, are demanding an explanation for sharp increases in their premiums this year.

Long regarded as a reputable and good-value insurance company, NFU's renewals in the first three months of 2011 showed noticeable hikes, with some policy-holders reporting massive 50-100% increases in premiums.

Horse & Hound reports that internet forums are abuzz with stories of increases, even to policies where no claims have been made.

"When my renewal came through, my monthly payment had doubled," said Caitlin Barnes, who insured her 19-year-old all-rounder Henry with NFU Mutual.

The trend appears not to be universal. Equine insurers KBIS and SEIB reported no increases beyond the rate of inflation, with a spokesman for KBIS adding that it had seen no pattern of increase in claims out of the ordinary.

Carl Stephens of Petplan said: "We haven't seen any major events or reasons that would warrant massive premium increases."