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The Confused Cow!

You’d think that when you’re fifteen and your parents say that you aren’t allowed a horse, there’s nothing more you can do.

Not so with sassy Regina Mayer, who decided that instead of sulking in her room she would find an alternative. Animal Friends is amazed to say that she has been successful.

animalfriendsequine.co.uk reports that Regina turned to a cow named Luna who, with enough training, treats and hours of care has managed to do what many would think is the impossible – Luna the cow acts like a horse. The pair often go on long rides through the southern German countryside, but it doesn’t stop there – Luna can also jump over the homemade fences that Regina has constructed from logs and beer crates.

Regina and Luna were first acquainted soon after Luna was born, and shortly after Regina began getting her accustomed to walking in the woods and riding gear. After about six months or so of this training, it was time to see how the cow would respond to Regina in the saddle.

'She was really well behaved and walked normally,' said blonde Regina. 'But after a couple of metres, she wanted me to get off. You could see that she got a bit peeved.' Nevertheless after that reluctant start it is easy to see how much further the pair has come. Their routine now includes grooming, petting, jumps and a one hour ride after Regina comes home from school.

When she wants to do something, she does it; when she doesn't, she doesn't,' said Regina, 'and she's often very headstrong but can also be really adorable.'

Anne Wiltafsky, who trains cows near the Swiss city of Zurich, said Luna's talents are not particularly surprising and that, historically, it was quite common to ride cows and use them as workhorses.

Ms Wiltafsky also said: 'Especially younger ones can jump really well. Cows are lovable companions because they are easy-going; they have strong nerves and they are 'unbelievably devoted' to people they like.'