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Jan retires!

Dressage Olympian Jan Brink from Sweden, 48, has retired from the national dressage team after 20 years in competition.

Jan was determined to make the World Cup final in Las Vegas in April his last major championship with triple Olympic ride Bjîrsells Briar 899 - his partner of 10 years. He has now said farewell to international competition for good.

"I am the kind of person who goes for all or nothing," Brink told Horse magazine. "I was considering doing the 2010 World Equestrian Games, but then you are half way into an Olympic cycle and I thought I might as well stop now. I feel very content with the career I have had."

Brink had previously told the Swedish Olympic Committee that he would not aim for another Olympics.

"I said after Hong Kong I would take one year at a time. I have given it thought, and now made the decision in agreement with the team management and my horse owners," but he added: "This does not mean that I stop competing.

Brink has had an amazing career, having won 32 international grand prix - including individual European silver in 2003. He won 7 championship medals in total. Brink will continue coaching his many students.