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War Horse Woes!

It appears that "War Horse" director Steven Spielberg has learned that age-old lesson - never work with animals or children.

The trailer of the movie was released last week, with the movie due in US cinemas at Christmas. It tells the story of a British horse, Joey, sold to the cavalry during World War 1.

Albert, who trained Joey, was gutted by the sale, and eventually set off for the battlefields of Europe to be reunited with his childhood equine friend.

The movie, based on a children's novel by Michael Morpurgo, has also been adapted for the stage on both sides of the Atlantic, with life-size horse puppets used to great effect.

A report in The Telegraph recounted a lunch conversation, during which Spielberg told guests that he had become frustrated during filming that the real horses were not as expressive as the puppets.

The play adaptation has played to packed houses in Britain since 2007. A stage adaptation also opened on Broadway, in New York, earlier this year.