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King of Sherwood!

Show jumper Louis King from Kings Langley, Herts, will soon be seen on cinema screens worldwide after performing as one of the stunt riders in the forthcoming Russell Crowe film about Robin Hood.

The 24-year-old grand prix rider was picked for the British team at the 2002 young rider Europeans and ranked 29th in the country aged just 18.

The talented horseman also competes at novice and pre-novice eventing, has a Flat jockey's licence and produces show jumpers and eventers.

Louis said, “I did a scene where I jumped over 10 guys with shields and swords and 1,200 people were watching. And I have also galloped through fire.

"The other day I was galloping along a beach with 120 other riders with a helicopter 10 feet above my head. I'll never experience that again!"

Louis has also appeared alongside Angelina Jolie, Val Kilmer and Daniel Radcliffe in films including Alexander the Great and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

The young rider even offered advice to Orlando Bloom for his role in the movie: Troy. Louis went on to add that he is much more interested in meeting to-p show jumpers than movie stars!