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Hay prices set to rise!

Farmers are warning that hay prices could rise to £6 a bale as the country faces its third year of hay shortages due to constantly rainy weather.

Farmer George Jackson of Huddersfield said that the year has been awful for haymaking so far. “There’s a big shortage of hay,” said George.

The picture seems to be the same all over the country, with farmers who did their first cuts in June able to benefit – but many of them are holding on to their own stocks because of the terrible weather since then.

If hay is cut late, then prices will rise and the majority of it will be poor quality. But with a wet August predicted by the ‘experts’ things are probably not going to improve.

Isabel Harker, nutritionist for Spillers, said: "Late hay is less nutritious and more fibrous. It may not be suitable for foals or young horses."