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Horse deliberately targeted!

A horse is recovering after being hit "deliberately" by a car pulling a trailer while being ridden in a country lane, reports Horse & Hound.

The horse, named Nigel, had his body was slashed from "hind leg to head" when the horse was hit near Mattishall in Norfolk.

The eight-year-old Westfalen, who has appeared in advertising for Allen & Page horse feed, was hospitalised for a week and faces eight weeks of box rest following the incident on 19 September. His owner, Lisa McQuiston, of Mattishall, said: "We were out walking. Then we heard a 4x4 with a trailer on the back coming really fast.

"My friend Natasha who was on Nigel — I was on another horse — she put her arm out to slow the driver down. "But he put his hand on the horn repeatedly and drove faster.

"He knocked Nigel literally to his knees. I couldn't say how fast he was going. Natasha stayed on." Nigel was tended by a vet, who stapled and bandaged the horse at the scene. He was then transferred to Rossdale and partners equine hospital in Newmarket.

Miss McQuiston said: "He is extremely traumatised; I didn't expect him to be this bad. He has to stay in the stable, resting for eight weeks. He's extremely sore and very cut up.